Fashion Cloud going to the Big Screen - Introducing the Fashion Cloud Showroom

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November 14, 2023

Great news: We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of the Stitch Showroom, the acclaimed Digital Showroom solution developed by PVH-backed venture, Stitch. This strategic move marks a significant leap forward for Fashion Cloud, positioning us as the ultimate all-in-one tech solution for fashion wholesale.

01 About the Showroom:
With the Fashion Cloud Showroom, we will deliver the best-guided experience for preorders to fashion brands that want to sell in their physical showrooms or via remote presentations. The Showroom helps brands to create outstanding sell-in experiences for their customers: As a brand, you can guide your retailers through a collection presentation on impressive screens and create a wow effect. Thus, meetings will become more aligned with your brand story and more efficient. Plus: By relying on digital presentations, fewer samples are necessary in the showroom.

At one glance
1. Elevate the buying experience: Aid your sell-in appointments with an impressive, digital presentation and build digital assortments during your conversations.
2. Sell better and faster: Easily create your sales presentations with all product data integrated.
3. Increase brand alignment: Align your brand story across sales teams for better results.

02 Our vision:
With the introduction of the Fashion Cloud Showroom, we expand our portfolio and offer an outstanding preorder product to our customers. We will incorporate it as part of a larger offering towards brands, by integrating retailers' sell-out data and encompassing preorder, reorder, smart replenishment, content, and the digital showroom. With a vision to reshape the industry by reducing reliance on physical samples and outdated buying processes, this acquisition promises a future of digital innovation and an increase in sustainability.

"We are delighted to acquire the Stitch Showroom after extensive research of Digital Showroom solutions. The Stitch Showroom is the most immersive and engaging software we've found, and we believe it has great potential for our existing customer base of more than 700 brands.”
David Schaap, co-founder at Fashion Cloud.

03 Next steps:
This merger of data-driven excellence and immersive visual experiences promises to reshape the industry's traditional practices - we invest in the future of pre-orders at Fashion Cloud and strengthen our position as the All-in-One solution for the wholesale industry.

Are you a brand and want to learn more about the Fashion Cloud Showroom? Get in touch with our team!

The Fashion Cloud Showroom in action.

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