How DIGEL achieved more than 40% Year-Over-Year surge in sales

Inessa Werland
8 min read –
September 18, 2023

The German fashion brand DIGEL was one of the first manufacturers to fully embrace Fashion Cloud as an exclusive reorder solution for its wholesale partners. This trust has paid off: since the introduction of the B2B shop on Fashion Cloud, DIGEL has experienced exceptional growth. Currently more than 200 retailers order suits, shirts, and other items weekly through the Fashion Cloud platform.

| 01 Challenges in the Reorder Process

Like many fashion brands, DIGEL faced challenges with its previous B2B shop. Among other things, a more dynamic and efficient solution was needed to meet the changing requirements of retail partners. Constantly developing their own solution proved to be cost-intensive and inefficient. The brand was therefore looking for a third-party solution that would at the same time enable closer collaboration with its retailers.

| 02 All-in-One Platform Instead of Expensive In-House Solution

This is where Fashion Cloud steps in. The leading all-in-one platform for the fashion, footwear, and sports industry optimizes wholesale collaboration and connects over 700 brands with 25,000 retailers. Using Fashion Cloud as an exclusive reorder solution was a logical, strategic step for DIGEL, since many retailers were already familiar with the platform. Through the partnership with Fashion Cloud, DIGEL was able to optimize its wholesale business, increase efficiency, and achieve growth.

The platform's low maintenance requirements allow DIGEL to focus on its core business, while Fashion Cloud handles system maintenance and updates. Additionally, DIGEL gains valuable insights into orders thanks to the platform’s extensive data foundation. This not only reduces costs but also maximizes efficiency and collaboration between the brand and its retailers.

"The launch of our Fashion Cloud B2B Shop has been a game-changer for DIGEL and our retail partners. We have witnessed unprecedented growth and a significant increase in retailer engagement. Fashion Cloud has provided us with the tools and support we need to succeed in a rapidly evolving fashion landscape. Additionally, we appreciate the ability to track our business performance and gain valuable insights into important sales data, enabling us to make informed decisions and drive further success." - Anna Ziegler, DIGEL

| 03 Continuously Increasing Order Volume

Switching to Fashion Cloud enabled DIGEL to increase its digital B2B sales quickly. Today, more than 600 retailers are placing orders in the DIGEL B2B shop and are delighted with efficient order management and intuitive navigation. As a result, DIGEL has recorded impressive growth in order volume of almost 40% compared to the previous year. This ongoing success, combined with the loyalty of retail partners, demonstrates the long-term benefits of using Fashion Cloud as an exclusive reorder solution. By prioritizing retailer integration, optimizing the ordering process, and adopting a customer-centric approach, DIGEL has not only strengthened its leading position in menswear but also increased the loyalty and satisfaction of its retail partners along the way.

| 04 What the DIGEL case teaches us
  • #1 Acceleration in Digital Transformation.
    Brands must adapt to the changing demands of their retail partners.
  • #2 Optimized Buying Experience for Retailers.
    Brands need to simplify processes and offer their retailers an intuitive reorder solution.
  • #3 The Right Partner.
    Platforms like Fashion Cloud have in-depth expertise and can therefore enable brands to easily and successfully launch individual B2B shops.
  • #4 Reaching Retailers.
    Retailers experience an optimised buying experience through personalised marketing and individual product recommendations.
  • #5 Leveraging Data.
    With the help of reporting and insights into item performance, brands can maximise the potential of their B2B shop.

| 05 Conclusion

DIGEL's success highlights the potential of digital order solutions like Fashion Cloud.
By trusting in our expertise we can enable brands to focus on their core business, while we take care of the technical aspects of buying. This means less effort for system maintenance and updates, allowing more time and resources for business growth.

Are you ready for a transformation? Together with Fashion Cloud, you can take your wholesale business to the next level - we’ll show you how! >>> Let’s talk!

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