How Digel achieved 30% year-over-year surge in sales

Inessa Werland
8 min read –
September 18, 2023

Discover how DIGEL, a prominent menswear brand, partnered with Fashion Cloud as their exclusive reorder solution. With an impressive 500 buying retailers already onboarded, ordering up to 3 times per week, DIGEL experienced a surge in growth that exceeded their expectations.

01 - The challenge: Maintaining a B2B shop

Like many fashion brands, DIGEL faced challenges with their former 828 shop. Constant development of their own solution proved to be neither cost­intensive nor efficient. Recognizing the need for a more dynamic and effective solution to meet the evolving demands of their retail partners, DIGEL sought a comprehensive platform capable of driving sustainable growth while fostering stronger engagement.

02 - The solution: Fashion Cloud as exclusive B2B solution

Enter Fashion Cloud, a cutting-edge platform that seamlessly integrates brands and retailers transforming wholesale collaboration. Leveraging Fashion Cloud as their exclusive reorder solution was a logical strategic step for DIGEL. By partnering with Fashion Cloud, DIGEL stream­lined their wholesale operations, achieving efficiency and growth: ‍
The low maintenance nature of the platform allowed DIGEL to focus on their core business while Fashion Cloud handled system maintenance and updates. Furthermore, DIGEL took advantage of Fashion Cloud's platform approach. Due to the extensive network that already exists on the platform with thousands of retailers downloading content or buying on the platform, many retail partners were already on Fashion Cloud and used to the interface of the platform. Moreover, thanks to the extensive database of the platform, DIGEL gained valuable insights in their orders. This not only reduced costs but also maximized efficiency and collaboration between brands and retailers.
To further enhance the retailer experience, DIGEL utilized afflliated order solutions offered by Fashion Cloud like Smart Replenishment for data­based order automation and order suggestions ensuring retailers never ran out of stock.

03 - Immediate impact, increasing order numbers

The impact of migrating to Fashion Cloud was truly remarkable for DIGEL. With 500 buying retailers already utilizing the digital DIGEL B2B Shop and placing orders up to 3 times per week, the brand experienced an instantaneous increase in order va­lues. Retailers appreciated the efficient order management, and the intuitive navigation that Fashion Cloud offered. DIGEL's commitment to their partners' success was reaffirmed as they witnessed the signiflcant growth in order frequency and size.

"The launch of our Fashion Cloud 828 Shop has been a game-changer for Digel and our retail partners. We have witnessed unprecedented growth and a significant increase in retailer engagement. Fashion Cloud has provided us with the tools and support we need to succeed in a rapidly evolving fashion landscape. Additionally, we appreciate the ability to track our business performance and gain valuable insights into important sales data, enabling us to make informed decisions and drive further success." - Anna Ziegler, Digel

04 - Sustained growth, improved retailer relationships

One year later, DIGEL's 828 shop on Fashion Cloud continues to soar, maintaining an impressive 30% year-over-year growth. This sustained success, coupled with the loyalty of their 500 buying retailers, demonstrates the enduring beneflts of adopting Fashion Cloud as the exclusive reorder solution. By prioritizing retailer engagement, optimizing the ordering process, and embracing a customer-centric approach, DIGEL has solidifled its position as a leader in the menswear market.
Fashion Cloud has transformed the way DIGEL engages with its retailers. The platform's intuitive design and seamless functionality have empowered retailers from all over Europe to effortlessly discover and order DIGEL's latest collections. Real­time inventory updates, rich product information, and simplifled communication channels have fostered a stronger bond between DIGEL and their retail partners. Retailers now enjoy an elevated buying experience, resulting in increased loyalty and overall satisfaction.

Key takeaways: DIGEL's success story highlights essential lessons for fashion brands seeking digital transformation:
  • Embrace digital transformation: Evolve to meet changing retail demands.
  • Choose the right partner: Select Fashion Cloud's B2B Shop for its advanced features, scalability, up-to-date technology and impressive retailer network. Optimize retailer experience: Streamline processes, provide real-time updates, and enhance communication.
  • Foster retailer engagement: Implement personalized promotions and dedicated support channels.
  • Monitor, iterate, and refine: Benefit from insights and reportings via the Fashion Cloud B2B Shop and use it in your daily worklife.

The success achieved by DIGEL through their partnership with Fashion Cloud underscores the power of digital transformation in the fashion industry. By embracing the potential of Fashion Cloud's B2B Shop, your brand can unlock growth and retailer engagement. Are you ready to embark on a similar journey? Let Fashion Cloud be your gateway to success.

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