Betty Barclay Group masters brand management with centralized content distribution.

Inessa Welrand
8 min read –
August 28, 2023

As one of the leading companies for women’s outerwear, the Betty Barclay Group includes various brands, of which each portrays its own lifestyle and identification potential. Like any company with many brands, the Betty Barclay Group faces the challenge of managing them. Fashion Cloud is the perfect solution to manage all brands on one platform.

01 - The Problem: the challenge of multi-brand management

The Betty Barclay Group faces the challenge of managing several brands and their wholesale partners. One of the most difficult tasks: Providing campaign shots to retail partners, making product data accessible to webshops and, generally, ensuring that retailers communicate in the spirit of the brand. Only in this way can the brand ensure that its desired brand image is maintained. However, managing individual platforms for each brand or even looking after individual customers is time-consuming and tedious.

02 - The solution: all brands on Fashion Cloud

The Betty Barclay Group has opted for a Fashion Cloud account to provide image material and product information of all brands as efficiently as possible for all retail partners. The distribution and use of all content is considerably simplified by bundling it on one platform: The company just needs one login and benefits from an easy-to-use interface. Uploading and organizing marketing materials, product photos and attributes can be done for each brand individually. Additionally, the brand can manage access rights for each retailer specific for which brand and which type of content the retailer has access too.

All advantages at one glance:
  • Easy control of contents of all brands
  • Free access for all wholesale partners
  • Increasing numbers of downloads by retail partners

03 - The benefits: full control of brands, efficient processes and happy partners

With its various accounts, Fashion Cloud offers the right individual solution for every company. Betty Barclay has chosen to sponsor all of its retailers. This gives the company full control over the content of each brand and gives all its retail partners free access to the content. For this reason, more than thousands of partners of the Betty Barclay Group in more than 25 countries have already registered and can download Betty Barclay data for their communication. This way, the brand ensures that all retailers are using up-to-date image campaigns, high-quality product data and are following communication standards promoted by the company in general. The result? A strong brand presence, better relationships with wholesale partners and full control over the content being used.

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