Fashion house Ramelow now fulfills customer wishes with its own mobile app

Inessa Werland
8 min read –
August 28, 2023

Innovative ideas and digital sales approaches are becoming increasingly important for bricks-and-mortar fashion retailing. Fashion house Ramelow recognized this early on and now offers its customers the “my Ramelow” app. Discover how Fashion Cloud played a vital role in the introduction of the app.

01 - The problem: customers demand digital approaches

The demands on brick-and-mortar fashion retailers are changing: customers want to be addressed individually and digitally. German fashion retailer Ramelow, with its six locations in northern Germany, has repeatedly distinguished itself in recent years with innovative ideas in order to address its customers digitally. Initially, sales staff led WhatsApp groups with their regular customers. Then, they were looking for an additional way to approach their customers.

02 - The solution: an app with up-to-date content by Fashion Cloud

Ramelow’s approach was to develop the mobile app specifically for the needs of regular customers. Together with the software development agency weluse the app was realized and is now available for iOS and Android. The newsfeed provides customers with information on current fashion trends, events and Ramelow’s brand portfolio. In addition, the app offers customers the option of digitizing their bonus card so that they can leave the plastic card at home. Fashion Cloud delivers the images for the newsfeed directly in an app-compatible format. “As we will focus even more on digital issues in the future, this project was ideal to immerse ourselves in the agile project world and learn how software is developed today,” explains Sonja Albrech, Head of Marketing at Ramelow Fashion House.

“An app is only attractive if it is constantly being updated with new content. By working together with Fashion Cloud, we always receive up-to-date marketing material from our brands, which we download directly in the correct format and only need to enter into the app.” - Marc Ramelow, Managing Director (Ramelow)

03 - The benefit: positive feedback after successful app launch

The app already recorded several thousand downloads in the first four weeks after launch and the feedback from the first users is very positive. Particularly appreciated are the customization options, through which only relevant content is display to the user in the app’s news stream. The successful app launch is only the beginning as Marc Ramelow explains: “In the next step we will further develop the app to our digital shop window and show the customer which articles we offer in our stores. Fashion Cloud supplies the required product images and attributes."

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