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Inessa Werland
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August 28, 2023

More customers for CJ Schmidt - Fashion retail is faced with major challenges. To compete, it is necessary to interpret the signs of the times and develop a digital strategy: German retailer CJ Schmidt did exactly that. Aligned to current customer requirements, CJ Schmidt presents itself as a modern, progressive fashion retailer. Check out all the different examples how the retailer used Content from Fashion Cloud.

01 - Digital appearance on

With Fashion Cloud, product images and attributes, such as material, color and season, are available with one click. CJ Schmidt presents selected products in several categories. Thanks to Fashion Cloud all data is easily accessible and one can even integrate data automatically in a web shop. The great presentation of a retailer's offering results in a higher incentive for a shopping trip. An additional benefit: With a higher interaction rate and more visuals the homepage is improving in search engine optimization (SEO).

02 - Magazine-style shopping and style ideas

New styles and new collections are presented to customers in the form of illustrated articles. Texts are tailored to the target group who is invited to experiment with new styles which are supplemented by Fashion Cloud data. Through this versatile and above all aesthetically pleasing content the visitor is invited to continue to browse the website.

03 - Multi-channel communication via Facebook and newsletters

Reach new customers and retain existing customers: CJ Schmidts Facebook page is a successful mix of product teasers, selected marketing images and insights into the company and its employees. This creates a closeness with the customer, which further strengthens customer loyalty. Existing customers receive incentives through the newsletter to discover the latest products and looks available. CJ Schmidt puts the product data into the print newsletter for regular customer mailings as well as digitally in the email newsletters.

04 - Product display via in-store TV

In CJ Schmidts shop in Husum several TV display sets are installed. Thanks to Fashion Cloud, high-resolution images are available for these displays. Such a display always brings a clear, modern image to the customer, especially when it is presented in an appealing design and with high picture quality, as is the case with CJ Schmidt.

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