M&A Update: Fashion Cloud and Nyon join forces

Amsterdam & Hamburg
August 29, 2023

Fashion Cloud and Nyon are happy to announce they’re joining forces by means of a merger. The new company – that will continue under the name Fashion Cloud – will have a strengthened product offering and international presence. All products can be booked at Fashion Cloud from now on.

With this merger, Nyon’s expertise and products in fashion buying come together with Fashion Cloud’s platform for content and order. The merger puts Fashion Cloud in the unique market position of serving tools across all interactions between suppliers and retailers: pre-order, re-order and content exchange.

The “Content Platform” is providing retailers a single point of access to all marketing material and article information of brands. The “Endless Aisle” allows retailers to check up-to-date stock availabilities of brands and re-order missing items. Retailers benefit from the free and easy-to-use Endless Aisle App called “Clara” that is used directly on their shop floor. A multi-supplier “Order portal” (digital showroom) targeting the buying departments of retailers will be launched in spring 2019. The “OrderWriter” from Nyon is the ultimate buying tool. The mobile app helps retailers to keep track of purchase orders, budgets and products. All order data can be synced with an ERP system by the click of one button.Product data from brands are integrated into the OrderWriter app through “FashionExchange”.

Fashion Cloud and Nyon are two of the most successful B2B retail startups from Europe. They both have shown outstanding growth in their home markets. More than half of the relevant retailers from the Netherlands are already using the OrderWriter app by Nyon. The Fashion Cloud platform connects more than 350 fashion and shoe brands with 4,500 retailers and 18,000 Point-of-sales from 60 countries.

René Schnellen, one of the three founders of Fashion Cloud summarizes: “We will now be an all-in-one platform for Fashion Wholesale. One place where suppliers and retailers find the right data, content and tools for optimizing their business.”

One of the most important reasons to join was laid out by David Schaap, founder of Nyon and now one of the four Managing Directors of Fashion Cloud:“After meeting the Fashion Cloud founders we quickly came to the conclusion that we’re aiming for the same goal. We share the vision that the wholesale market could work more efficient, and we both see the need for one platform that offers solutions for buying, selling and marketing.”

The new Fashion Cloud will continue their service from offices in Hamburg and Amsterdam, with a team of 50 people. All personnel and both management teams will continue to work for Fashion Cloud.

Hamburg & Amsterdam, 12.10.2018