Fashion Cloud acquires the Stitch Showroom

November 14, 2023

Fashion Cloud, Europe's leading B2B platform for the fashion wholesale industry, announces the successful acquisition of the Stitch Showroom, the acclaimed Digital Showroom solution developed by PVH-backed venture, Stitch. The deal leverages the full potential of the Digital Showroom to position Fashion Cloud as the all-in-one tech solution in fashion wholesale.

The transaction combines Fashion Cloud’s strong data capabilities and all-in-one approach with the outstanding visual experience of the Stitch Showroom. Fashion Cloud will focus on delivering the best-guided experience for preorder to fashion brands that want to sell in their physical showrooms, via remote presentations, or offer self-service options to their customers.

"We are delighted to acquire the Stitch Showroom after extensive research of Digital Showroom solutions," said David Schaap, co-founder at Fashion Cloud. "The Stitch Showroom is the most immersive and engaging software we've found, and we believe it has great potential for our existing customer base of more than 700 brands.”

Fashion Cloud's vision for the Stitch Showroom includes incorporating it as part of a larger offering towards brands, by integrating retailers' sell-out data and encompassing preorder, reorder, smart replenishment, content, and the digital showroom. The acquisition also involves integrating the talented Stitch team into Fashion Cloud, which includes many of the original contributors to the pioneering Digital Showroom at Tommy Hilfiger.

Leading the transition process is Anne-Christine Polet, head of Stitch and founder of the project back at PVH:

"Since its inception, our vision for the Digital Showroom has been to contribute to a more sustainable and tech-oriented industry, one that relies less on physical samples and outdated buying processes. With Fashion Cloud, we have the opportunity for the Digital Showroom to achieve the full potential we initially envisioned. We are deeply satisfied with this sale and have high hopes for the future of digital selling.”

About the Showroom

The Showroom offers a digitally guided experience during showroom appointments, online sales meetings, and self-service. Instead of heavily printed catalogs and countless samples spread all over the showroom floor, the solution allows salespeople to guide their buyers through the collection all the way to order while allowing the flexibility and creativity that buyers love. With this solution, brands can save time in the showroom, deliver a wow effect to their buyers, and work towards a future with fewer samples. Global brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and The North Face are redefining their buying experience with the Showroom.