BTE and GermanFashion recommend FASHION CLOUD

Hamburg & Amsterdam
August 23, 2023

BTE & GermanFashion support FASHION CLOUD as industry-wide solution for the exchange of digital content between industry and trade.

FASHION CLOUD has been a partner of the BTE since November 2016. BTE, the Federal Association of the German Textile Retail Trade, is the largest association representing the interests of fashion retailers in Germany. This cooperation underlines the established position that FASHION CLOUD has already achieved within a very short time in the fashion industry. BTE Managing Director Prof. Dr. Siegfried Jacobs regards FASHION CLOUD as the industry-wide solution for the exchange of digital content.

“We see FASHION CLOUD as an important support for the fashion trade in terms of digitization. The BTE appeals to the suppliers to make their image material available via this interface”. – Prof. Dr. Siegfried Jacobs, CEO BTE.A similar position is taken by the fashion association GermanFashion. The association represents the German fashion industry and represents the interests of its approximately 350 members.Thomas Rasch, Managing Director of GermanFashion, comments as follows:

“With FASHION CLOUD, suppliers ensure that their identity and brand are also used by the trade in their best interests. GermanFashion recommends the platform as an industry solution for the exchange of images and inventory data”.A current BTE statement on FASHION CLOUD can be found in the current issue of Textilwirtschaft.

Hamburg, 10.09.2018