ANWR-GARANT NL and Fashion Cloud partner up

September 7, 2023

News in the shoe industry: Fashion Cloud and ANWR-GARANT NL start a partnership. Soon, retailers that are connected with ANWR-GARANT NL will receive product data and -images through Fashion Cloud for and other retailer webshops. By partnering up, both parties look to improve content sharing between shoe brands and retailers, as well as increase online visibility.

In the near future, more than 1 million product images and -attributes like product descriptions, and material composition will be integrated from Fashion Cloud to the ANWR-GARANT PIM (Product Information Management) system. Brands will be able to control which retailers get access through the Fashion Cloud platform. Both ANWR-GARANT NL and Fashion Cloud will be completing the implementation in the upcoming months and strive to increase the number of shoe brands on the platform in 2022.

The partnership marks an important step towards a better (digital) relationship between shoe brands and retailers and lowers the barrier to exchange data. Retailers will be able to participate in an attractive offering to improve their online presence and save time and effort as they won’t need to create or collect their own content.“We believe that digital partnerships between brands and retailers are important for the wholesale community. This is what Fashion Cloud is all about: making it easy to order and share data.” – Alies ter Kuile, Co-Founder Fashion Cloud.“

In order to remain profitable as a shoe retailer, we’ll have to speed up the transition to exchanging more data. Clean data, efficiency and winning market share is the background of this cooperation. All industry- and retail parties should see the need to participate and work more efficiently together so that everyone can focus more on the actual selling of shoes.” – Dennis Beute, General Manager ANWR-GARANT NL.

The partnership will improve the position of Fashion Cloud as the number one platform for the wholesale community in the Dutch market. ANWR-GARANT is a retailer service organization for independent business owners in the shoe- and sports industry. Fashion Cloud is Europe’s leading B2B-platform for Fashion, Shoes and Sports, and connects 15.000 retailers with over 600 brands.

Hamburg & Amsterdam, 01.11.21